High water soluble mineral source potassium humate, natural fertilizer!

Potassium Humate Solution

The high-water soluble mineral source potassium humate is characterized by being completely soluble in water and rapidly dissolving. It is a natural fertilizer for drip irrigation and spraying foliar fertilizer. It can obviously improve the drought resistance and stress resistance of crops, and has the effect of increasing yield and improving crop quality. Especially for vegetables and cereal crops.

Function and efficacy
(1) Potassium humate is more water-soluble than ordinary humic acid potassium, and has a remarkable feature of rapid function.

(2) Potassium humate has a significant nitrogen-fixing effect and is a natural additive for urea, which can greatly improve the sustained release and use efficiency of urea.

(3) Potassium humate improves soil structure, especially for soil compaction caused by long-term single use of chemical fertilizer.
For lean and deserted soils, potassium humate can increase the cation exchange capacity of the soil, converting the metal cations (K+, Mg+, Ca+, etc.) that are beneficial to the plant in the soil into a form that can be absorbed. Promotes the absorption of nutrients by plants. In the soil of the knot, potassium humate can interact with the beneficial bacteria in the soil to turn the soil into a soft structure, and also promote the absorption of water nutrients and oxygen by the plants.

(4) Neutralize the acidity and alkalinity of the soil and adjust the pH of the soil.
In an alkaline soil environment, many basic and trace elements are present in a form that cannot be absorbed by plants. Potassium humate can buffer pH and convert these basic nutrients and trace elements into plants that can be absorbed by plants. Form; in an acidic soil environment, it can react with heavy metals, thereby reducing heavy metal pollution, and the phosphorus fixed by Ca3+, Fe3+, and Al3+ in the soil can also be released and absorbed by plants; it can pass through soil with high salt content. The salt-based exchange capacity is displaced and absorbed by the crop.

(5) Potassium humate promotes plant growth, enhances the ability of crops to resist cold and drought, resists insects, and increases yield and quality.
Potassium humate can promote photosynthesis, and the natural auxin contained in it can promote cell wall division, promote plant growth, increase sugar content and increase nutrients, and increase yield by nearly 30%.

(6) Potassium humate can increase the persistence of pesticides and herbicides while reducing pesticide residues.

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