Application of sodium humate in water quality improvement of aquatic products


Aquatic acid uses sodium humate to improve water quality, and has the following functions:

1, nutrient fertilizer, water and grass
Sodium humate for aquatic products is rich in nutrients such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur, which can effectively increase the carbon content of water droplets and promote the healthy growth of aquatic plants.

2, physical shading, inhibiting moss and grass
The sodium humate used in aquatic products dissolves in water and forms a soy sauce color. It can shield some of the sunlight from the bottom of the pond, thus inhibiting the growth and reproduction of harmful algae such as moss and naked dinoflagellate.

3, purification of water, detoxification and deodorization
Sodium humate for aquatic products has a large number of active functional groups, which can effectively adsorb organic matter and sediment suspended in water, and make it settle, and the bottom of the water can improve the transparency of water. At the same time, it can effectively pass out the free heavy metal in water, so that it can not be absorbed by fish and shrimp. . Sodium humate absorbs some of the NH3 and H2S in the underlying environment, thereby removing the odor of the sediment and reducing environmental pollution. Oral antibacterial weight gain

4, oxygen aspiration, inhibition of growth and growth
Sodium humate in aquatic products can release ecological oxygen, which inhibits the growth of certain bacteria. At the same time, it can absorb a part of ammonia gas, thus reducing the harm to the intestinal and external environment of animals. Sodium humate contains active groups such as phenol and hydrazine, which can promote the activity of digestive enzymes and stimulate the digestive function of animals. At the same time, due to the adsorption of this product, the feed nutrients can pass slowly through the intestines, enhancing the absorption and digestion time. Increases the absorption rate of nutrients. Promote the growth of animals.

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