Potassium Humate Application in Agriculture


Potassium Humate is extracted from lignite or leonardite. Potassium Humate is an organic water-soluble humic substance. It is a good plant growth stimulant acting on soil and plants. It improves soil physical property, ion exchange capacity, water holding capacity, drought tolerance ability, protects plants from physical / soil stress and increases soil microorganisms, biological activity. This also prevents loss of nutrients from soil and act as a storehouse by keeping plant nutrients in soil. It increases crop growth and yield, soil fertilitynstatus and reduces use of chemical fertilizers.

It also contains plant nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, calcium, sulphur, manganese, iron, molybdenum (0.10-6.0%) & copper, zinc, magnesium, boron (20-200 ppm)

(Potassium Humate is an approved organic farming input by Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI, USA)


To ornamental plants, grass lawns, cereals, pulses, oil seeds, vegetables & commercial crops, trees, orchard, green house crops, nurseries – sprayed in soil before planting and foliar spray in two/three stages on plants before flowering for best results.

Soil Application: Liquid Potassium Humate may be applied 25 ml / M area before planting / sowing / during irrigation. For aged grown up trees, the dosage can be increased to about @ 50 ml per tree. solid Potassium Humate may be applied @ 10 Kg/ha for all crops.

Foliar Spray 
Dilute 1 litre of liquid in 30 Ltrs. of water, then spray to all crops before flowewing. To ornamental plants and grass lawn – once in 30 days in morning or evening for better results and may be combined with fertilizer spray also.
Solid Potassium Humate @ 2g/ltr. of water may be dissolved for spraying (0.1% conc.)

25 Litre of liquid potassium humate (Conc. 24%) per acre through fertigation once in a month until completion of crop duration.

Other Uses
Algae, mushrooms, bio-fertilizer, vermi compost, compost production etc.


Organic Plant growth stimulant & soil activator.
Increases the yield by 20-40% and more.
Improves soil structure and fertility.
Increases water retention, nutrients holding & cation exchange capacity.
Induce crop resistance against pest and diseases.
Improves microbiological activity of soil.
Maintains nutrient level even after cropping.
Prevents loss of nutrients from soil.
Early maturity of Crop.
Protects plants from adverses soil and dry 
weather condition.
Increases biomass of algae & mushrooms.

Application & Crop Response
R&D Trials:
Ornaamental Plants & Lawn: 
The flowering plants showed good response.
Enhances flower numbers, weight, good colour, fragrance on using 0.1% spray on plant before bud formation. Lawn turns more attractive.

R&D Crops Trials
Cereals: The cereals like maize, cumbu, rice, ragi showed increase in yield. Less pest incidence, fully filled & large size grains.

The increase over control was 20-30%. Cob size & grain number increased.

Ragi & Cumbu 
The increase over control was 20-30%.

The increase over control was 10-15%. Tiller number increased from 30-35. spray on flowering increased yield & grain weight.

The pulses green gram, black gram &
Cowpea showed good yield.

Green Gram:
The increase over control was 40-60%.

Black Gram: 
The increase over control was 30-40%. The spraying increases pod number, grain zise, grain weight, increases size & number of root nodules.

Commercial Crops 
Sugarcane, cotton, tapioca, cashew, turmeric. In cotton bolls increased in size & wt. More fruit formed. Pest incidence was less.

Oil Seeds
The oil seeds crops like groundnut, sunflower showed good results when compared to control. Increased oil content, seed size, weight.

The increase over control was 25-35%. Pods fully filled, kernels more, weight & oil content increased.

The increase over control was 30-50%. Large flower size with fully set seeds – bigger & high oil content.

Sapota, mango, banana, jack fruit, guava etc., more setting of fruits, size & weight increased with good taste.

The vegetables like bhendi, raddish, cluster beans,  cauliflower, cabbage, raddish, tomato, chillies, onion, spinach, yam, corm, brinjal showed good results over control. Size, weight of the produce increased, pest incidence lowered.
The increase over control was 20-40%

Waste Land Development & Afforestation

Retains soil moisture, nutrients & supports microbial activity, yield, C.E.C. Promotes fast growth of the saplings, biomass, root anchorage

Minespoil Reclamation 
Very effective in sterile & zero nutrient soil, improved soil fertility, microbial activity, biomass, nodulation

Pondash Reclamation 
Supports barren area with wise range of pH, low nutrient sandy soil. Retails soil nutrients, increase microbial activity. Controls uptake of toxic heavy metals, external stress to plants.

Green House Expt.,

MoC S&T on farm Research Trials

Rice (ADT-45)
TRRI Aduthurai, TN
Yield: 6808 Kg/ha

Rice (ADT-36) RRS Bhavanisagar,
TN Yield: 4500 Kg/ha

Rice (ADT-45)
TRRI Aduthurai, TN
Yield: 6808 Kg/ha

Farmers Field

Cotton (RCH2) Kovil Palayam, TN
Yield: 31.7 q/ha%

Sugarcane Gobi, TN
Yield: 138 t/ha

Groundnut (VRI 2) Pollachi, TN
Yield: 2178 Kg/ha

Green Gram Allanthurai, TN
Yield: 1496 Kg/ha.

Spices & Plantation Crops

1.  Increase the cane yield (range 5.4 to 24.7 t/ha.)
2.  Growth characteristics viz. millable canes, single cane weight and number of nodes per cane were favourable influenced by Humic Acid application.
3. Improved quality characteristics of juices viz. Juice%, brix%, purity% and CCS%.


Basal application:  Spray 100ml. of liquid Potassium Humate (2-4% concentration) per pit directly to the excavated pit before plainting of banana suckers.

Foliar Spray:   Dilute 1 Litre of liquid Potassium Humate (2-4% concentration) in 30 litres of water and then spray once in a month up to flowering stage.

Note: For 1 acre about 7 litres of Humic Acid is required for each time.

Fertigation: Add 25 Litres of liquid Potassium Humate (2-4% concentration) per acre through fertigation once in a month until completion of crop duration.

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