Humic Acid

Saint Humic Acids has been working in the fields of humic acids for many years.Specialized in Humic acid,sodium humate,potassium humate,nitro humic acid,potassium fulvate ,fulvic acid manufacturing and marketing,established in the year of 2010,We have established our own R&D center in Suzhou and have branch office in Mumbai, India and Henan and Beijing, China.

Our Humic acids R&D team is guided by famous humic acid expert who has worked in this field for 17 years,which make strong expertise to guarantee our quality. Our fertilizer R&D teach is guided by one experienced technician who have more than 10 years working experience to make sure our formulation is effective and cost saving.
We focus on humic acids R&D and application in Scientific Agriculture farming, Animal feed, Environment Protection and Health care.

In Agriculture, carbon fertilizer series, Carbon rich base fertilizer, carbon rich base fertilizer plus, carbon source fertigation, carbon guardian and so on.

Animal feed ,we have additives for poultry,caws and goat,fish shrimp and so on .

For environment production we conducted a wide range of work like polluted soil and water recovery and increase soil carbon to decrease CO2 in air.

For healthcare,we have black gold powder and injection to remove toxins from body and also have function for blood

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Mineral Fulvic Acid
Mineral Fulvic Acid
Potassium Humate Crystal
Potassium Humate Crystal
pharmaceutical humic acid
pharmaceutical humic acid

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Potassium Humate

Potassium Humates – Feed Your Microbes The Best Pure Carbon Concentrate If you want the best quality potassium humate product available in the market place consider the No Frills Humates. Not all humates are created equal. After rigorous (European) scientific research of popular humates sold …

Humic Acids effect to soil

Soil humic substances (HS) are known to be beneficial for soils and plants, and mostpublished studies of HS and humates, usually conducted under controlled conditions, show benefits. However, the value of commercial humate application in the field is less certain. This reviewattempts to answer the …

Potassium Humate Application in Agriculture

Potassium Humate is extracted from lignite or leonardite. Potassium Humate is an organic water-soluble humic substance. It is a good plant growth stimulant acting on soil and plants. It improves soil physical property, ion exchange capacity, water holding capacity, drought tolerance ability, protects plants from …