Potassium humate application dosage


Potassium humate is mostly used for irrigation and spray,better mix with urea MAP DAP MPK,also good effect when mix with TE fertilizer.

Potassium humate lock nitrogen and slow release,unlock phosphorous and optimize the utilization.


1.Irrigation:we suggest 500 times dilution,suggest 30-40 kg 3-5 time per Hectare.

2.Spray:Suggest to use 1000-1500 times dilution.

Fruits Trees

1.As base fertilizer mixed with NPK,500g of potassium humate and 1kg NPK per tree Then irrigation.

2.Before flow stage ,irrigation of MPK mix with potassium humate.

3.After flower stage, irrigation of MPK mix with potassium humate 5-6times,meantimes spray.


1.Before cultivation,need 25kg potassium humate mix with 25kg NPK per 1000 square as base fertilizer .

2.Before transplant,need to use potassium humate spray young plant to keep its energy.

3.After transplant need to use potassium humate 500-800 time dilution and fertigation every 15-20 days.

4.Before flower stage need to use MPK and potassium humate fertigation.

5.Every 7days need to spray use MPK and potassium humate

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