The implementation standard is NY525-2012

Product common name: humic acid organic fertilizer

Main indicators: organic matter ≥ 45%, NPK ≥ 5%

Other active ingredients: humic acid, yellow humic acid, medium and trace elements

Product specifications: 25kg

Main Function

1. Insect and insect repellent, reduce heavy and dry obstacles, and inhibit soil pests and diseases.

2. Repair the soil, improve the knot, improve the fertility, and resist the heavy sputum.

3. Promote root development, increase fertilizer absorption rate, improve fertilizer utilization rate, alleviate pollution of heavy metal ions in soil, and slow down phytotoxicity.

4. Promote the reproduction of microbial communities in the soil, which in turn promotes the improvement of soil structure.

5. Improve crop disease resistance and resilience, increase yield and improve quality.

How to use and precautions

The use of Carbon Guardian is based on the combination of soil disease and pest level with base fertilizer and top dressing.

Fruit trees, strawberries:

Serious damage: 2 bags of carbon square guards, 1 bag of base fertilizer, 3 bags of top dressing;

Lighter damage: 1 bag of carbon square guards, 2 bags of base fertilizer, 3 bags of top dressing.

Root crops: 2-3 bags per acre.

Leafy vegetables: 2 bags per acre.

Solanum: 2-3 bags per acre.

Beans: 1-2 bags per acre.

Chinese herbal medicines: 3-4 bags per acre.

 Food: 1-2 bags per mu.