Potassium humate is the potassium salt of humic acid extracted from raw humic deposits known as Leonardite, to be used as a soil conditioner.Potassium humate is humic acid potassium salt,in black powder and flake form ,soluble in water.

Main Specification

 AppearanceBlack CrystalBlack Powder
 Product codeSHA-KHA-2SHA-KHA-3
 Potassium(K₂O dry basis)10.0% min10.0% min
 Moisture15.0% min15.0% min
 Humic Acid(dry basis)60.0% min50.0% min
 Fulvic Acid(dry basis)1% min1% min
 Sieve residue (0.5mm)5.0% max5.0% max
 Partical size2-5mm2-5mm

Main Function

1.Stimulate seed germination,promote root system development.Increase the capability of plants to counter disease and stress.

  • improved seed germination
  • greater fibrous root growth
  • increase in legume root nodule formation
  • greater resistance to insects
  • greater resistance to drought and frost

2.Improve soil structure and increase soil fertility.

  • improve soil structure, texture, looseness, friability and decrease soil erosion
  • improve water holding capacity for better drought resistance and reduction in water usage (Russo and Berlyn, 1990): (this is because of the large surface area and internal electrical charges humic substances have, allowing them to hold up to seven times their volume in water according to Pettit, 200.)
  • improve drainage
  • increase oxygen in the soil (stimulating microorganisms and providing better aeration)
  • buffering properties (prevention of rapid changes in soil acidity related to humic substances and their ability to assist the soil in accepting or donating free hydrogen ions)
  • improve soil wetting ability

3.Increase harvest and improve fruit taste.

  •  Plant growth stimulant & soil activator.
  • Increases the yield by 20-40% and more.
  • Improves soil structure and fertility.
  • Increases water retention, nutrients holding & cation exchange capacity.
  • Induce crop resistance against pest and diseases.
  • Improves microbiological activity of soil.
  • Maintains nutrient level even after cropping.
  • Prevents loss of nutrients from soil.
  • Early maturity of Crop.
  • Protects plants from adverses soil and dry 
  • weather condition.
  • Increases biomass of algae & mushrooms.


  1. Woven bags with poly bags inside 25kgs net weight.
  2. Could also provide according to customer’s requirement.